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The internet has given many creative individuals the ideal platform to showcase their talent or create entertaining content for their viewers. As a way to build their brand and grow their content to reach a wider audience, they look for properties that fit their ideas in video or photography projects.

When it comes to self-marketing, one of the most significant hurdles is finding an excellent location that is also affordable. Genie, an online platform, allows hosts to rent out their property at an affordable rate that leaves both parties satisfied.

Genie is a locally owned company in Florida that is dedicated to serving global audiences by providing a convenient way to enable individuals the luxury for their dream photoshoot. The company understands that one of the toughest hurdles in self-marketing is securing an excellent yet affordable location for these photoshoots and video coverages. So, the company uses the Genie platform to help property owners earn a quick buck and, at the same, allow their customers to secure their dream locations.

While they rent out domestic properties, Genie offers rentals for several luxury cars and two yachts as well. The prices vary, but the rent can be charged for as low as an hour, providing the tenant with a right and affordable place while the house also gets a quick buck from the transaction. But it’s not just a cash grab, because Genie creates an enabling environment that allows the customers to sit with the property owners and get to know a little more about each other. Doing this also gives the tenant the chance to inform the property owner and give an idea of what they’ll be doing and ensure that their property will retain their condition they were initially left with so that they can walk with optimum satisfaction.

The company mostly caters to music artists looking for the right locations to shoot their music videos, or influencers looking to either build their brands. Genie also leases properties for independent or amateur filmmakers looking to find a location that fits their script. Genie takes pride in the fact that whenever Genie provides these locations, they serve as jumping-off points to growing a business or a brand.

Genie aims to become a global leader in this industry by consistently delivering exceptional value in what they offer. They also have excellent customer service staff on standby to answer the customer’s inquiries to ensure they are satisfied with their experience. It is a very competitive industry, but Genie strives to stay on top.

As a company that rents out private properties, Genie is built solidly around integrity, providing transparency with their clients to affirm their secure customer loyalty value. Because business is not drawn in a continuous straight line, they are continually innovating their services to be able to offer their customers the best possible experience.

Genie aims to encourage a coherent and striking marketing strategy that not only helps elevate the quality of life for people but also help individuals save money while growing their brand with some luxury.

To know more about Genie, visit their official website, and follow the company on Instagram to receive the latest updates.

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