About us

“A magic platform that serves the person who calls upon it”

Our Story

In today’s society where there is a necessity for creative content to build your brand, and to hand individuals a glorious opportunity to grow and become more visible to a wider audience, Genie was established to create an online platform that allows hosts to rent out their property at affordable rates.

We realized the hurdles in self-marketing, with one of the problems being difficulties in getting excellent, yet very affordable locations or property for photo shooting and video coverage. Opportunities of securing good sites without having to pay a huge amount of money either on rent or acquisition have seemed to be far fetched, leaving the young, ambitious people stranded because of the inability to take up the high capital demand that is required to pursue their promising career.

Who We Are

We are a locally owned company in Florida, dedicated to serving global audiences by providing fast and easy ways to enable individuals the luxury for their dream photoshoot to build their brand or business. Our goal is to create a sense of connection between property owners and clients while ensuring an overall remarkable experience through excellent services and affordable rates.

What We Do

At Genie, we offer an online platform which brings together people in search of good, affordable locations or property for their short term photo shooting and video coverage with people who are willing to rent out their property in exchange for quick cash. A location rent period can be as low as an hour, providing the tenant with a right, affordable place while the host also gets a quick buck on the transaction. We create an enabling environment where our customers can relate together and get the best out of life, each walking away with optimum satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission at Genie is to connect people for a mutual relationship that offers terrific benefits for both parties. Here, we aim to encourage a seamless marketing strategy that helps to improve the quality of life for people, while helping individuals to save money while growing their personal brand.

Our Vision

We have a vision to be the leading global player in the industry through exceptional value delivery and impressive customer service as well as giving individuals the luxury to be noticed in a world where content plays a huge role in your brands success.

Our Values

Genie is a company that is solidly built around integrity, strong customer loyalty, excellent service delivery and transparency. Innovation is also a core part of our existence to be able to offer our customers the best experience possible.


October 2020

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